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Ball Float Filling Valve medium Pressure Toilet Cistern Fill Valve Bottom Entry With High Sealing A0003

Short Description:

Product Type: Adjustable Ball Float Fill Valve

Spec. of Thread: G1/2” or 15/16”

Height Range: 200-330mm

Materials: POM +Sealing Rubber +silicon Seal

Water Temprature: Working Under: -50℃ or +70 ℃ temprature

Product Detail

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Product Description

Product Type Adjustable Ball Float Fill Valve
Spec. of Thread G1/2” or 15/16”
Height Range 200-330mm
Materials POM +Sealing Rubber +silicon Seal
Water Temprature Working Under: -50℃ or +70 ℃ temprature`
Color Treatment  Blue or Green


Lifetime 50,000times or 3 years Quality Warranty
Lead Time Fast delivery or Follow Custome Requirements well
Other Advantages 1.Contemporary Style Selecting environment-friendly raw material.

2. Simple and practical design, easy to install.

3. Offering an affordable price but excellent quality.

4. Meeting all international standards for safety.

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1. Reliable & Trust-worthy supplier in china
2. The best After-sales service
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Water tank fittings water valve, toilet water tank installation water valve

What is the cause of the water leakage valve in the toilet?
Cook inlet valve is actually the reason for the floating ball insensitive lifting work, can not guarantee normal complete row need water, the water or cannot control the water inlet valve, water supply, water kept in more than water tank of water, causing water above the forward drain valve nozzle flow into the urinal, even will flow to the ground.It is found that such problems need to be overhauled and replaced with water inlet valve accessories.Wan master below small make up teach you a economic and affordable toilet fill valve leakage disassembly maintenance, flush toilet water inlet valve not only repair methods, and explain the principle of the toilet water inlet valve can be better understand the repair process.
Leakage of the water valve in the toilet is not limited to water removal and maintenance steps:
1. Remove the inlet valve of the blue integral on the left side.(if the water inlet valve is leaking)
2. Take off the toilet water valve cap.
3. Remove the part of the white link point above the inner part.
4. Separate the two parts and remove them counterclockwise, with the help of small pliers.It's going to be clockwise, so you can put it on.
5. This part of the pipe is the key.
6. Install the transparent rubber ring and install it properly. If the installation is incorrect, the transparent rubber ring can not be screwed up.
7. Then connect the other parts.
8. This part of the bottom can be broken down again. If you don't pass the water, it is here.To try it, use the shower head in the bathroom and take it down to the bottom of the fill valve.
9. Turn on the shower switch and water.Lifting the float, the water stopped and the proof was fixed.Originally in the toilet, the inside float to bring up the water also can not stop.

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