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How useful is a smart toilet? The secret is hidden in these black technologies!

Among thousands of smart home products, the emergence of smart toilets allows us to relax physically and mentally within just ten minutes of going to the toilet, bringing unprecedented comfort and happiness to home life. Next, reveal the secrets of smart The secret to a super easy-to-use toilet!

Smart toilet · Small impulse, toilet blockage is no longer a trouble ·

During the peak water season, the troubles caused by high floors and low water pressure make people crazy, the flushing is not strong enough to easily block the toilet, and the raging bacteria threatens the health of the human body.

· Toilet health is guaranteed ·

The toilet seat is the part that is in close contact with the body, and it is easier to adhere to bacteria and dirt. At the moment when the epidemic situation is repeated, more attention should be paid to personal health protection.

Smart toilet adopts antibacterial seat

Effectively prevent bacterial growth

The nozzles will be automatically cleaned before and after each use, the running water is hot flushing, precise temperature control is comfortable and constant temperature, women’s washing is gentle and caring, buttocks washing is clean and refreshing, mobile washing is more comfortable, pressure-regulated washing can effectively dredge blood vessels, enjoy washing SPA, and comprehensive protection such as Healthy toilets.

· Say goodbye to bending over and flipping the lid ·

Every time you go to the toilet, you have to manually open the seat ring and bend down to press the flush button, which is very inconvenient for the elderly or pregnant women at home. Free your hands, automatically flush when you leave the seat, more clean and hygienic, the design is ergonomic, fully consider the comfort, the seat temperature can be adjusted in multiple gears, and it is comfortable and relaxed for long periods of time.

·Smart, make life easier·

Smart toilets are cumbersome to operate, and for the elderly or children at home, it is prone to operating errors.

The smart toilet adopts a one-button knob design, which can complete the whole process of cleaning – flushing – drying with one button.

·High value appearance ·

As the core product of the bathroom space, the toilet can only show the taste of the owner when its appearance is online. In December 2021, the appearance of the smart toilet is simple and smooth, and the induction-type ambient lighting will highlight the high-level texture. From the whole to the details, the appearance is always online. Minimalist fashion, full of wisdom and beauty life!

Using smart toilet black technology to create a “new standard” of cleanliness and comfort, taking into account delicate details and practicality, smart toilet not only brings a new healthy lifestyle, but also allows the most common toilet time to experience the most comfortable. Enjoy life.
What are the cognitive misunderstandings of antique bathroom cabinets? What are the characteristics of antique bathroom cabinets?

Antique bathroom cabinets are high-end and elegant in appearance and have good environmental protection performance, so they are loved by consumers. However, many owners do not know much about antique bathroom cabinets, so there are many misunderstandings. Antique bathroom cabinets have What are the cognitive misunderstandings? What are the characteristics of the antique bathroom cabinet? Let’s find out with me.

1. What are the cognitive misunderstandings of antique bathroom cabinets?

1. Antique bathroom cabinets are easy to crack and deform

Many consumers believe that the antique bathroom cabinet is easy to crack and deform because it is affected by the splicing of solid wood panels in production. Is it that all solid wood antique bathroom cabinets are easy to crack and deform? Of course not, the antique bathroom cabinet made of oak solid wood can effectively prevent the cracking and deformation of the board. Oak has a unique wood grain, the heartwood is resistant to rot, high density, hard texture, and belongs to the hardwood category. Household items made of oak have the advantages of dignified, calm and noble mahogany furniture.

2. Expensive

It is said that the price of antique bathroom cabinets is expensive, but this is really not its fault, just because you get what you pay for. Solid wood furniture is relatively expensive, and high-quality oak solid wood furniture is even more expensive. At present, oak is mainly imported from abroad, followed by its long production cycle, complex process, large loss of raw materials, and high labor costs for carving. These factors cause its high cost and high price, so its final price is expensive.

3. Poor waterproof performance is easy to breed bacteria

Many people think that the moisture-proof performance of antique bathroom cabinets is not good. In response to this problem, some manufacturers of bathroom cabinets will use drying and constant temperature health treatment to balance the dried wood to reduce the moisture content gradient of the wood and prevent the dried wood from drying out. Semi-finished products and finished products appear moisture regain, eliminating the residual stress in the drying process of wood. In addition, the surface of the sheet is painted and polished several times to make it smooth and without pores.

What are the cognitive misunderstandings of ancient bathroom cabinets? What are the characteristics of antique bathroom cabinets?

2. What are the characteristics of antique bathroom cabinets?

1. Beautiful and fashionable, starting from the material itself, the appearance of the antique bathroom cabinet highlights the distinctive wood grain, with the bathroom cabinet design. It gives people a sense of simplicity and fashion, and the bathroom cabinet is more resistant to corrosion, and because of its high density. So it is not easy to absorb water. It has high ornamental value and plasticity.

2. The antique bathroom cabinet is made of imported high-quality multi-layer solid wood as the main material. Its performance can reach immersion in water for more than 10 days or boiled in boiling water for more than 10 hours without warping or cracking. It has strong waterproof and physical properties and is very suitable for bathrooms. use between.

3. The most important feature of the antique bathroom cabinet is that it absorbs the characteristics of “shape” and “god” of traditional furniture. Classic style bathroom cabinets are a reenactment of history. The classical bathroom cabinet is more solemn and elegant. It is a classical style that pursues gorgeousness and elegance.

Summary: The above is an introduction to the cognitive misunderstandings of antique bathroom cabinets and the characteristics of antique bathroom cabinets. Finally, I hope this article can help everyone
What are the matching skills of the basin faucet? How to maintain the basin faucet?
Basin faucets are not only convenient for us to wash, but also have a certain decorative effect, so they are loved by consumers, but we also need to know some matching skills, so as to better enhance the overall decorative effect, what matching skills do the basin faucets have? What? How to maintain the basin faucet? Let’s find out with me.

1. What are the matching skills of the basin faucet?

1. Model matching, the most important thing is to match the model, otherwise it will bring trouble to the installation, even if it is barely installed, it will inevitably leak;

2. The style and color should be matched, followed by the style and color. If your bathroom is dominated by cool colors, you can choose a silver faucet; if it is dominated by warm colors, you should use gold. The style is more complicated, and milky white can be used.

3. The appearance design of the faucet should be matched. With the development of science and technology, the styles of the faucet change, and it also has a matching rule: the good partner of the glass countertop basin is the straight faucet, and the kitchen sink is equipped with a curved faucet. , the undercounter basin is equipped with an ordinary short handle faucet, and the ceramic countertop basin is equipped with a long mouth curved faucet with two handles.

4. The straight handle faucet of the glass countertop basin is beautiful in appearance, but it is not very practical, because its water outlet is not in the center of the basin, and people will touch the edge of the basin when washing towels under water, but it is equipped with double handles. The curved faucet is not good-looking, because the handle will touch the glass, which makes it unsafe. Therefore, if you are not very fashion-conscious, you still choose a ceramic basin, and it will be easier to find a matching faucet.

What are the matching skills of the basin faucet? How to maintain the basin faucet?

2. How to maintain the basin faucet?

1. After installing the faucet, it is recommended to clean the smudges and fingerprints on the surface every other month. Rinse the surface with clean water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. For the maintenance of the appearance, you can clean it with car wax once a month. . The cleaning of the surface is for aesthetics, and the cleaning of the interior is the most important factor affecting the service life.

2. In addition, if the water volume of the faucet is reduced or the water outlet is forked, it means that the bubbler of the faucet is blocked. At this time, the bubbler should be removed, soaked in vinegar, and cleaned with a small brush or other tools. , and then reinstall it.

3. For faucets, people “smell lead and change color”. In fact, no matter how good the faucet is, it is difficult to avoid more or less lead element precipitation pollution, but in general, due to the role of the lead protective film in the faucet, it is The content is greatly reduced to the standard level. However, the long-term retention of water in the faucet will cause the lead protective film to fall off, and the lead element will be precipitated when dissolved in water. In particular, traditional faucets and water pipes are more likely to rust and pollute the water quality, so it is necessary to drain the yellow water in the pipes when using them in the morning. In terms of product selection, stainless steel faucets are relatively healthy, but the price will be higher.

Summary: The above is a complete introduction to the matching skills of the basin faucet and how to maintain the basin faucet. Finally, I hope this article can help you.

Post time: Sep-01-2022