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toilet installation details

Check the quality of the product before installing the toilet. Don’t worry about whether there are water droplets in the toilet tank you just bought, because the manufacturer needs to conduct the last water test and flushing test on the toilet before leaving the factory to ensure the quality of the product is qualified, so in this case, you can ask the courier to understand the situation.

When installing the toilet, note that the standard distance between the pit and the wall is 40 cm. Too small toilet can not fit, too big and waste of space. If you want to adjust the position of the toilet installed in the old house, it is generally necessary to open the ground for construction, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. If the displacement is not large, consider buying a toilet shifter, which can solve the problem.

Check the toilet tank button is normal. Under normal circumstances, after putting in water, open the angle valve of the water tank. If you find that there is always water slowly flowing from the toilet inside the toilet, it is likely that the water level card in the tank is set too high. At this time, you need to open the water tank, press the chain of the bayonet with your hand, and press it down a little to lower the water level of the water storage tank.

Installation of washbasin

The installation of the washbasin is generally connected with two water pipes, hot and cold water. According to the standard of interior decoration, the left side is the hot water pipe, and the right side is the cold water pipe. Be careful not to make mistakes when installing. As for the opening distance of the washbasin, it needs to be set according to the specific design drawings and the instructions for use of the faucet.

There is a small hole on the edge of the washbasin, which is convenient to help the water drain out of the small hole when the washbasin is full, so do not block it. The bottom drainage of the washbasin is changed from the previous vertical type to wall drainage, which is more beautiful. If the washbasin is a column type, you must pay attention to the fixing of the screws and the use of mildew-proof porcelain white glass glue. The general glass glue will appear black in the future, which will affect the appearance.

Installation of the bathtub

There are many types of bathtubs. Generally, there are hidden pipes for drainage at the bottom of the bathtub. When installing, pay attention to choosing a good quality drainage pipe and pay attention to the slope of the installation. If it is a massage steam bathtub, there are motors, water pumps and other equipment at the bottom. When installing, pay attention to reserve inspection openings to facilitate subsequent maintenance work.

2 bathroom installation precautions

Bath towel rack: Most of them will choose to install it outside the bathtub, about 1.7 meters above the ground. The upper layer is used to place bath towels, and the lower layer can hang wash towels.

Soap net, ashtray: installed on the walls on both sides of the washbasin, forming a line with the dressing table. Can usually be installed in combination with a single or double cup holder. For the convenience of bathing, the soap net can also be installed on the inner wall of the bathroom. Most of the ashtrays are installed on the side of the toilet, which is convenient for dusting the ash.

Single-layer shelf: Most of them are installed above the washbasin and below the vanity mirror. The height from the washbasin is 30cm is the best.

Double-layer storage rack: It is best to install on both sides of the washbasin.

Coat hooks: Most of them are installed on the wall outside the bathroom. Generally, the height from the ground should be 1.7 meters and the height of the towel rack should be flush. For hanging clothes in the shower. Or you can install a clothes hook combination, which is more practical.

Corner glass rack: generally installed on the corner above the washing machine, and the distance between the rack surface and the top surface of the washing machine is 35cm. For storing cleaning supplies. It can also be installed on the corner of the kitchen to place various condiments such as oil, vinegar, and wine. Multiple corner racks can be installed according to the location of the home space.

Paper towel holder: Installed next to the toilet, easy to reach and use, and in a less obvious place. Generally, it is advisable to leave the ground at 60cm.

Double pole towel rack: can be installed on the empty wall in the central part of the bathroom. When installed alone, it should be 1.5m away from the ground.

Single cup holder, double cup holder: usually installed on the walls on both sides of the washbasin, on a horizontal line with the vanity shelf. It is mostly used to place daily necessities, such as toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Toilet brush: generally installed on the wall behind the toilet, and the bottom of the toilet brush is about 10cm from the ground


Post time: Aug-04-2022