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Watching the initial battle in 2022, smart and comfortable bathrooms are quietly rising


In recent years, my country’s sanitary ware market has continued to improve, the number of external exports has gradually increased, and the output of products has continued to expand. In addition, the national policy encourages the sanitary ware industry to develop towards high-tech products, and domestic enterprises have gradually added new investment projects. China’s independent bathroom industry has developed for more than 20 years. Compared with the whole house assembly type, this market has long been deeply cultivated by enterprises. However, the domestic overall bathroom penetration rate has been at a low level for a long time, and it is still dominated by the B-end market. With the improvement of consumers’ understanding and acceptance of integral bathrooms, a large number of real estate development companies such as China Shipping, Greenland, China Overseas and other top 100 real estate companies fully understand and use integral bathrooms in their residential products. The application of integral bathroom in apartments, economic chain hotels, medical care, and fine decoration real estate is more and more extensive.

According to the monitoring data of Aowei Cloud (AVC), in the first quarter of 2022, there were 341 newly launched projects in China’s real estate fine decoration market, a year-on-year decrease of 44.8%, and the market size was 256,000 units, a year-on-year decrease of 51.2%. Due to the downturn in the overall real estate market and the double impact of the epidemic, the repair of the engineering market has been hindered.

Bathroom standard products are never absent, and intelligent and comfortable bathrooms are quietly rising

The bathroom belongs to the core supporting area in the hardcover room, and there are many supporting parts. According to the monitoring data of Aowei Cloud (AVC): in the first quarter of 2022, the supporting scale of China’s real estate fine decoration market is: 256,000 sets of toilets, 255,000 sets of washbasins, 254,000 sets of showers, and 241,000 sets of bathroom cabinets. These products are basically standard bathroom parts, with a configuration rate of more than 90%; followed by shower screens with a matching scale of 176,000 sets and Yuba with a matching scale of 166,000 sets. above.

As more and more consumers pursue an efficient, convenient and healthy home life, smart bathrooms are quietly rising. Among them, the scale of smart toilets reached 75,000 sets in the first quarter, with a configuration rate of 29.2%, a year-on-year increase of 5.8%, and most of them are integrated machine products.

Although standard parts are never absent, consumers will pay more attention to comfort and intelligence when purchasing bathroom products in the future. Wall-mounted or floor-standing bathrooms, thermostatic showers and smart toilets are emerging one after another. Obviously, smart bathrooms have risen, and comfortable categories are also emerging. In the continuous update, intelligent and comfortable sanitary ware products will become a major trend in the development of the hardcover sanitary ware market.

The top brand pattern is stable, and the TOP10 brands share nearly 70%

From the analysis of the overall brand competition, in the overall bathroom scale of China’s real estate fine decoration market in the first quarter of 2022, the head brand is relatively stable, Kohler ranked first with a market share of 22.9%, followed by Moen (9%), TOTO (8.1%) %); the market share of TOP10 brands is 67.8%, and the brand concentration is relatively high. Among them, Moen, Jiumu, and Grohe increased significantly year-on-year.

From the analysis of domestic and foreign brands, in the bathroom scale of China’s real estate fine decoration market in the first quarter of 2022, the share of foreign brands is 62.6%, a year-on-year +2%, the TOP3 brands are Kohler, Moen, TOTO; the share of domestic brands is 37.4%, a year-on-year- 2%, and the TOP3 brands are Jiumu, Aopu, and Wrigley.

In the analysis of individual parts, Kohler ranks first in washbasins and toilets, occupying about 40% of the refined decoration market share. Among them, the TOP1 brand of smart toilets is Blue Balloon, with a market share of 20.1%, followed by Kohler (20.1%), TOTO (9.9%) %); bathroom cabinets and shower screens are mainly customized, with a market share of more than 40%; the TOP1 brand of shower head is Moen, with a market share of 26.4%; the TOP1 brand of Yuba is Aopu, with a market share of 22%.

To sum up, in the first quarter, the hardcover project was dragged down by the market downturn and the epidemic, and the unfavorable sales side made it difficult for most real estate companies to increase investment in land and construction. The whole chain of real estate from sales to land acquisition to financing is blocked. Although the liberalization of favorable policies such as the moderate release of restrictions on purchases and sales in many places, lowering the threshold for the use of provident funds, and speeding up the approval of home purchase loans, the housing demand in some cities has been released, but the restoration of the market and confidence will take time. Release and incentive policies will be more conducive to the bottom repair of the current market, and 2022 is expected to weaken, but not pessimistic.

Post time: Jun-06-2022