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What is the future trend of sanitary ware

Isdevelopment trend can be told from five aspects: trend one: pay attention to health, environmental protection, energy saving trend two: intelligent bathroom products gradually become popular, more care trend three: minimalist trend four: new bathroom materials emerge in an endless stream trend five: bathroom products “furniture” ### trend one: Product THAT DEFEND BATH “FURNITURE IS CHANGED” A FEW DAYS AGO, A LOT OF CLEAN WITH NOVEL MODELLING ARE PROVIDED NEW PRODUCTS BEGIN TO PUSH THE MARKET IN SUCCESSION, MUTI_FUNCTION LAVABO, BEAUTIFUL AND PRACTICAL BATHROOM ARK AND DESIGN ACCORD WITH THE TOILET WITH AESTHETIC EXAMINATION MORE, ALSO BECOME THE HOT SPOT THAT CONSUMER PLACE PURSUES WITH EACH DAY. Popular TREND 2: MINIMALIST POPULARITY IS EQUAL TO CONVENIENT SIMPLY, THIS KIND OF MINIMALIST AGITATION JUST CATERED TO THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MANY YOUNG PEOPLE, THEN CLEAN THAT DEFEND BATH IS PROVIDED ALSO BECOME DIRECT AND “Jane”. Lavabo no longer blindly pursue the luxurious sense of marble mesa; The toilet is no longer bulky and bulky; More AND MORE RATIONAL CONSUMER ALSO WON’T DISCONSIDER THE AREA OF THEIR TOILET, AND THE BIG BATH CROCK THAT GOES INSTALLING STYLE IS FULL OR SHOWER ROOM, EXTREMELY SIMPLE STYLE BEGINS TO BE POPULAR. Trend number three: Intelligent product that defend bath is a popular science and technology in progress, toilet is the toilet before bathing place, the future of the space that defend bath is likely to be private health & SPA, and health and safety will be the mainstream of future enterprises that defend bath, like domestic nine animal husbandry has been to do relevant work of the layout, it will be held in silicon valley in the United States recently “smart strategy that defend bath” global conference, Based on “health intelligence”, the first Chinese enterprises into the global sanitary market

Post time: Oct-14-2022